Coffee maker Aroma button flashing red light - descaling reminder

Last updated 13/01/2023 11:58


  • The light on the coffee maker is flashing
  • The aroma light flashes
  • The aroma light is on

Applies to

  • E7CM1-4MTM
  • E7CM1-6GB
  • E7CM1-4GB
  • E7CM1-2GB


The button flashing red indicates a descaling reminder.

How to descale:

1. Add rated capacity citric acid solution/vinegar solution into the tank

We recommend descaling solutions available from our Webshop

2. Press ON/OFF to turn OFF the lamp when the lamp flashes, long press the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds, and the machine will perform the cleaning function, cleaning times will be cleared, and a descaling reminder will be executed after the next 100 times of operations

3. If you ignore the descaling reminder, after three reminders that will be visible three times at the end of the standard brewing cycle, the descaling reminder will be automatically reset, and it will reappear again after the next 100 brewing cycles.

4. In the boiling/heat preservation/standby stage, long press the Aroma key for 2s, and the red light of Aroma will be off, the white light will be on, the cleaning times will be cleared, and the descaling reminder will be executed after the next 100 times of operation


  • After descaling is completed, the descaling alarm must be reset
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