Fridge freezers

Find the right fridge freezer to suit your cooking and shopping needs. Choose between larger freezer cavity or a roomier fridge compartment.

Adapted for your everyday

Discover maximal flexibility with the customisable CustomFlex® freezer. The unique storage system is yours to tailor for your very needs, with drawers and trays that are easily rearranged for optimal storage space and easy access.  

Freezer with CustomFlex®

  • Unique storage system tailored to your needs
  • Use the same bins as for your CustomFlex fridge, increasing the customizability even more
  • Fits your every need - every day

Keeping flavour for longer

Imagine a fridge freezer where groceries last longer and preserve their flavours. Our TwinTech® technology uses a double cooling system to make sure that all groceries are kept in ideal humidity and temperature. The air humidity in the fridge is controlled for maximal freshness while the air in the freezer is dry to avoid frost formation.

Fridge freezer with TwinTech®

  • TwinTech® keeps air and humidity at ideal levels to ensure groceries are kept fresh
  • Groceries keep their freshness and texture for much longer thanks to the independent air cooling systems
  • NoFrost technology eliminates the need for defrosting