• 1
    Better spraying

    Even the hardest-to-reach corners are sprayed by the Satellite Spray Arm. It ensures your washing and rinsing is more effective every time. 

  • 2
    Protection for glasses

    There's no need to handwash wine glasses any more. Speed up after-dinner tidying and trust your dishwasher with its secure and gentle SoftGrips. 

  • 3
    Gentle on all your dishes

    Delicate and quiet, the SoftClose system has special dampers to ensure your dishwasher's basket glides elegantly back into place.

The SoftGrips and SoftSpikes safely holding a glass in place

Special treatment, special glassware

For those really special glasses that need a little more love, SoftSpikes® and SoftGrips gently hold your glasses in place. All while the special GlassCare 45° cycle washes at a reduced temperature. It then rinses at 60° before cooling down gently. This protects even your most delicate glassware from cracks and scratches. 

Naturally inspired drying 

Now you can ensure your dishes are completely dry when you go to put them away. Our new AirDry technology opens the door by 10cm in the last part of the cycle until you're ready to unload. A natural way to get maximum drying performance while effectively reducing your energy costs.

Say goodbye to handwashing glasses

Look forward to easy cleaning of even your most delicate glasswear with our iF Design Award winning GlassBasket. Save time and achieve sparkling results with easy loading and secure storage of up to 8 glasses. The iF design awards were introduced in 1954 and are awarded by an international jury of more than 50 renowned experts.

More benefits of Electrolux dishwashers

A RealLife® dishwasher packed full of dishes to demonstrate capacity

Clean more than ever

With 25% more capacity than an average dishwasher, RealLife® can accommodate even your most unusually shaped dishes. Enjoy complete cooking freedom – using whichever utensils, pots and serving platters suit your culinary creativity – safe in the knowledge that everything goes in RealLife®.  

The RealLife dishwasher from Electrolux and iF design logo

Award-winning design

RealLife® fully integrated dishwashers combine award-winning design with cutting-edge technology. The whisper-quiet cleaning cycle and delicate glassware protection has been recognised with a prestigious iF design award. 

Time left at a glance

Always know just how long is left of your dishwasher's cycle. The TimeBeam® shows the status, as well as the time remaining, using an illuminated spot on the floor. So you can effortlessly plan your day around your dishes.