Built by experts — repaired by experts

Nobody knows your appliance better than us. You can trust us to deliver the best possible quality of care, every day. That's our promise to you. We have engineers trained to exceptionally high standards, all around the country. Your appliances help make your home yours — and we'll always strive to keep it that way.

Why choose a Fixed Price Repair?

  • Our local teams are experts in your appliances - from your tumble dryer to your dishwasher
  • Your fee is quoted and agreed at the time of booking, in advancce of the engineer's visit
  • Our approved engineers offer a fast, professional service - ready to fix your appliance quickly and get your home running smoothly again in one visit

Purchase a replacement appliance direct from Electrolux

If you decide that replacing your appliance is the right choice rather than repairing we can help. Please call to organise a replacement appliance: 03445 619871

If however you do arrange a technician visit, in the unlikely event your appliance cannot be repaired, both of our repair options offer a replacement appliance service.

▪  For Fixed Price Repairs we offer a £75 discount off our normal prices in the event we cannot repair your appliance.

▪  For Repair and Care, if your appliance cannot be repaired on future visits after the first, your appliance will be replaced.

Terms and conditions apply to both of these replacement offers

Did you know you can solve minor issues without booking a service? Search for your issue below to start.