Code DSCL / 05CL on the coffee machine's display

Last updated 06/03/2024 15:59


The text DSCL / 05CL flashes on the coffee machine's display

Applies to

Electrolux Create 5 coffee maker

model E5CM1


The text DSCL flashes on the screen, which means a descaling reminder (DESCALE), the text can also show that there is a 05CL code.

"DSCL" appears on the display after 90 coffees. Then we recommend a descaling procedure.

Use only environmentally friendly descaling agents and always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

  • First, fill the water container with water and then add the descaling agent (or fill with water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio).
  • Place the coffee pot with the lid on the hotplate.
  • Press the CLEAN button to start the 50-minute descaling process.
  • When the process is complete, the START/STOP will turn off automatically.
  • Use the device filled with only clean water 2-3 times before making coffee.

Rinse the coffee pot, pot lid, and filter holder thoroughly under running water. Press the drip lock several times while rinsing it.

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