Coffee maker display shows "DESC" and "ALE"

Last updated 03/02/2023 09:39


  • DESC-ALE appears on the coffee maker display after descaling

Applies to

  • EKF 7700 coffee maker
  • EKF7700R coffee maker


 Perform descaling operation:

1. Fill the water tank with water + vinegar (1:1) or water + decalcfier according to the decalcifier product instruction. Place the filter inside the basket and keep it there throughout the whole process.

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2. Place the coffee jug with the lid on the warming plate. Leave the descaling solution to work for approximately 15 mins. Switch on the appliance

3. Once the descaling solution has percolated through, switch the appliance off. Repeat the descaling procedure at least 2 times.

4. Press the "AUTO"&"PROG" buttons to reset the descaling counter, the descaling note will disappear.


  • After descaling is completed, the descaling alarm must be reset
  • When the machine performs 70 times, it displays a descaling reminder. Descaling reminding is the display will show “dESC-ALE”. 
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