Washing machines

Find the best washing machine for you. A machine that fits washing around your schedule. Revitalise your clothes using steam. All while being safe for hand wash wool.

That smooth sharpness, ready at once

Our SteamCare System ends each wash with steam to reduce wrinkles by a third. Achieving a smooth finish without the heat of regular ironing.

PerfectCare 700 with SteamCare

  • SteamCare system adds steam to the end of the wash to reduce wrinkles
  • SensiCare system prevents over-washing by automatically adjusting to the load size
  • The FreshScent system allows to refresh even your delicates between washes with fragrance and steam.
The UltraCare Eco washing machine next to the DelicateCare tumble dryer

Care from start to finish

The secret to luxuriously soft, well cared-for laundry isn't just about choosing the right washing machine — drying is every bit as crucial. Our DelicateCare dryers are the perfect partner to our washing machines. Their innovative heat pump technology gently dries clothes at lower temperatures, to eliminate damage from over-drying.

Freshly dry and crisp shirts