Electrolux UK statement


As a global leader in home appliances, the Electrolux Group continues to produce high quality, innovative products across their brands, including Electrolux, AEG & Zanussi for the UK and Ireland. 


Peter Spencer, Managing Director for UK & Ireland, stated “True to our commitment to quality, safety and a best in class consumer experience, we can confirm we have introduced new backing material for all of our refrigeration and freezing products in the UK.” 


Spencer continues,” We continually review the design of our refrigeration and freezing products - including backing materials – and so in line with regulation updates, from the end of May 2018, we updated the design of all Electrolux Group fridges, freezers, and fridge freezers produced for the UK and Ireland markets to feature a metal or aluminised based backing”. 


Sophie Davidson, Head of Product line, Kitchen explained “As part of our safety process, we focus our efforts and investments on the creation of intelligent design using the safest components. These refrigeration products are compliant to BS EN 60695-11-5:2017 and meet the new International refrigeration and freezing standard IEC60335-2-24.  Our ambition has been to ensure we are compliant with what we believe will represent the global standards up to 2020.”


Electrolux wants to strongly reiterate and reassure consumers that this decision has not been made due to any concerns around the safety of our current products in the market. We have an excellent safety record. Over the last three years we have sold over one million refrigeration and freezing products in the UK with no major incidents and none involving issues with the plastic backing on our products.


Consumers may still find that there are plastic backed Electrolux Group refrigeration products available from retailers. These products are within the retailer’s supply chain and might have been supplied to the retailer before May 2018.  Electrolux group cannot control the supply chain of retailers; however, consumers can ensure their products are not plastic backed by referring to the model numbers. All model numbers are listed on retailer websites.


Plastic Backed Refrigerators