Electrolux cooking club

Electrolux cooking club

Learn from the best chefs

Use the best tools

Cook mouthwatering dishes using the latest Electrolux appliances at our cooking club. Alongside professional chefs, you'll pick up skills to unlock the secret to great taste. 

Cook with the best

Learn how to turn good dishes into great ones with Electrolux. Our cooking experts can teach you the latest culinary trends, from steam to sous vide. All with our best products and the latest technology. So whether you'd like to learn some cooking tips or experience our appliances, book your free session below.

Meet our ambassadors

Learn the best culinary skills at one of our cooking clubs near you. Found in many locations, our culinary studios are fully equipped with the highest quality Electrolux appliances. Our ambassadors will show you their favorite culinary techniques and dishes so you can get a step closer to learning the secrets to a pefect dish.