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  • CycloneCare with 3DSense Technology
  • DelicateCare
  • GentleCare
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  • DelicateCare
  • GentleCare
  • SensiCare

Energy efficient tumble dryer

Electrolux offers a wide range of tumble dryers from B to A+++ rated. (A+++ is the most energy efficient and will have the greatest impact on energy costs). Sophisticated heat pump technology can save up to 40% on energy compared to standard condensers, making it an eco-friendly and cost effective solution.

Dry smarter thanks to SensiCare which ensures the best energy consumption by quickly adapting the cycle to the load size. Choose a machine with an inverter motor. They're gentler on the drum and fan and can keep your dryer last longer. The result: shorter drying times and more consistent results.

Tumble dryer dimensions

The first step in choosing a tumble dryer is ensuring you have the space for it.
Width: 60cm - A standard tumble dryer will fit your space
Alternatively, if you have a standard front-loader washer, you can stack a standard dryer on top. 

Tip: Running out of space? Consider buying a 2-in-1 washer dryer combo. 

Tumble dryer capacity

When you think of capacity, it's often in terms of how many kilos of laundry you can fit into your machine. But there's more to consider:
Household size: large families versus single
Habits: how many times a week do you dry? Type and size of dried items: For example: bedlinens, duvets, and curtains require a larger drum for the best results. Electrolux have dryers with 7-9kg capacity to suit different needs.

No matter the size of the load, our SensiCare System uses advanced humidity and temperature sensors to adjust drying time accordingly.

Tip: Don't overfill your dryer. If you leave room for your clothes to "breathe", they'll dry faster. 

Drying delicates and other items

Our most advanced Electrolux tumble dryers cover 93 percent of all fabric types with dedicated programmes for wool, silk, down, outdoor, denim, cotton, synthetics, lace, blends and other delicates with programs including:

  • Dark blue delicates

    Our wool programme offers no shrinkage of woollens, comparable to flat drying. It's so effective, Woolmark has certified a range of our Electrolux dryers. 

    Drying your silks in our machines results in silk staying in shape as good as air drying. 

  • Waterdrops on dark blue fabric

    Help your favourite outdoor jacket stay new season efter season. Use our Outdoor program and restore your clothes' water repellency better than air drying. 

  • Blue down jacket
    Down apparel

    Use this programme to protect the appearance of down jackets and preserve their thermal insulation by up to 30 percent compared to air drying.

  • Duvet in hamper

    Duvets can be difficult to dry. That's why we designed a program to handle bigger items like duvets and sheets. 

Matching appliances 

If you'd like to "match" your tumble dryer to your washing machine, our Electrolux models are made to match. So you can stack them, or install them side-by-side and optimise your laundry space. 

Two machines

Sensor dryers

Every Electrolux dryer in our 600, 700, 800 and 900 series features SensiCare technology. Advanced humidity and temperature sensors detect when fabrics are dry and stop the program. SensiCare saves time and energy and protects items from over drying. Electrolux 3DSense Technology is available on selected 900 models. The unique sensor detects humidity not only on the surface, but inside of items. The result: fabrics from wool to silk and even down - are treated with precision and care. 

Smart tumble dryers

With the My Electrolux Care App, connect your laundry appliances to your phone for a smarter way to care for your load. With the app you can remotely control the dryer from your smartphone. For customized laundry care - all from your smartphone. 

Save space and time

Line drying demands more space than tumble drying and results in wrinkled fabrics, which inevitably means more ironing. Electrolux tumble dryers are much faster than line drying. Instead of spending valuable time hanging and collecting your wash, you'll enjoy 365 hassle-free drying days a year. 


Woolmark certification is a stamp of approval from the Woolmark Company. Rest assured that our Electrolux machines are gentle enough for drying wool.

Even results, excellent care

CycloneCare with 3DSense Technology treats your wardrobe with outstanding care. Now you can evenly dry delicate silk shirts, cosy wool sweaters and thick, layered jackets with confidence. It's unique tumble drying, gently handling all of your fabrics time after time.

Protects the warmth, preserves the look*

*Maintains the appearance and thermal insulation of down jackets, up to 30% better than air-drying.

DelicateCare - Your style, completely preserved

Our DelicateCare System is able to adjusts temperatures and drum movements to suit specific fabrics, meaning your clothes receive specialist care. Even woollens keep their shape and waterproofing is restored.

No shrinkage.* No shape-loss.

*No shrinkage of woolens, comparable to flat drying.

Now you can dare to dry even the most delicate woolen sweater. Our DelicateCare System adjusts the drum movements to stop woollens from spinning or twisting in order to avoid shrinking. This means outstanding drying results even for wool garments that are hand-wash only.

Water repellency*, retained and restored

*Better than air drying.

With our DelicateCare System the water repellency of your specialty outdoor wear is retained and restored, better than air-drying. DelicateCare adjusts the temperature and motion of the drum to protect the fabrics in outdoor wear, making sure they get just the right amount of heat. 

GentleCare - That cool newness, kept for longer

Our GentleCare System dries your clothes at half the temperature of conventional tumble dryers so that they are never exposed to unnecessary heat. Maintaining the texture of fabrics for longer and significantly reducing both energy consumption and drying time.

Perfectly dried at half the temperature*

*Compared to drum air inlet temperature in conventional tumble dryers. 

Efficient Filter System

Our tumble dryer’s EcoFlow Filter System delivers energy-efficient drying, every time. The easy-to-clean filter circulates air, for consistently low energy consumption.

Woman reflection in mirror

SensiCare - Your everyday, dried with care

Our SensiCare System measures the humidity of each load and adjusts the drying time accordingly so that clothes are protected from overheating. This saves both time and energy without compromise. Effortless care.

Clothes feel like new for longer with SensiCare

SensiCare System identifies the moisture level of each load using special sensors and adjusts the drying time accordingly. Meaning even the smallest load is never exposed to too much heat. You can save time and energy while giving your clothes the care they need - whether a week's washing or that single jumper you simply must wear now.

Stacked - in your favour

Make the most of your space with our stacking kit. Stack your tumble dryer and washer securely without the need for additional fixings. A built-in sliding shelf makes loading and unloading effortless.