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Washing machine dimensions

Whether you want a freestanding washer or one that's integrated (built in), the first step is to make sure it fits. You can start by understanding the space you have:
Width: 48-60 cm - we recommend a front-loading unit
Width: 40-45 cm - consider a top-loading washer
Depth: 38-45 cm - a slim depth front-loading washer fits into this space

Tips: If you have a small laundry area, consider purchasing a 2-in-1 washer dryer combo.
Another way to save space, is by stacking your washing machine and tumble dryer. 

Washing machine capacity

When it comes to deciding on the capacity for your washing machine, you should consider a few things:
Household size: large families versus single
Habits: how many times a week do you wash?
Type and size of wash items: For example: bedlinens, duvets, and curtains will require a larger drum for the best results. 

All Electrolux washing machines are equipped with SensiCare technology. SensiCare uses weight sensors to adjust water and energy consumption depending on the load size. This saves time and money and ensures your clothes are not overwashed. 

Energy efficient washing machine

Every Electrolux washing machine is designed to significantly reduce energy and water usage. Cleaning and caring for clothing without imparing performance. The energy ratings for Electrolux washing machines range from A+++ to A+++ -75%. That means that the highest Electrolux rating performs 75% more efficiently than the A+++ rating requires.

Specific technologies can also contribute to better energy ratings. Those include inverter motors, ECO option technology, or SensiCare technology.

Quiet and quick

There are two additional things to consider when choosing a washing machine:

Silent running cycles

Our washing machines maintain a noise level as low as 47 decibels. So doing laundry doesn't disrupt the peaceful environment of your home. 

Quick programmes

You can wash your clothes using short programmes in as fast as 20 minutes for a small load (3kg). For bigger loads, choose the UltraWash programme (on selected machines). The UltraWash programme washes clothes in 59 minutes making it perfect for late evening washes or for lightly soiled clothes. The new MixCare programme lasts only 49 minutes. 

Smart washing machine

With the My Electrolux Care App, connect your laundry appliances to your phone for a smarter way to care for your wash. Simply open the app and choose the temperature, fabric type and colour. The app will tailor a program in response. For customized laundy care - all from your smartphone.

Matching appliances

If you'd like to "match" your washing machine with a tumble dryer, our Electrolux models are made to match. So you can stack them, or install them side-by-side and optimise your laundry space.

Two matching washing machines

Washing machine with steam

Steam is a good choice if you're avoiding winkles and ironing. Electrolux SteamCare® Technology washing machines feature the PlusSteam option that allows you to reduce wrinkles by up to a third by adding steam at the end of the wash cycle. Or you can use a seperate steam cycle as a quick and easy way to refresh rumpled clothes.  


Woolmark certification is a stamp of approval from the Woolmark Company. Rest assured that our Electrolux machines are gentle enough for washing wool - including delicates. 

Electrolux 800 Series are certified* by Ariel and Lenor. That means they offer optimal cleaning and distribution of detergent and softener on the items you love. Every thread is given just the right treatment. Keeping your clothes feeling like new, for longer. 

Woman in cozy sweater
Dare to dry delicates
Care for your silks and woollens like never before. Combine ÖKOMix washing technology with the AbsoluteCare® System tumble dryer.
Woman in silk sweater
Superb washing results
Care more for your favourite garments with incredible gentleness, superb washing results and energy efficiency.
Stack a dryer on top
Intelligent laundry
Our laundry expertise doesn't stop with excellent appliances - we also offer all the accessories you need to get perfect results, every time.

ColourCare - All your colors, always the brightest

Our ColourCare system purifies water so detergents work at their best, even at low temperatures. A gentle but thorough clean keeps the colours of your garments looking as bright as the day you bought them. 

Colours don't fade*​

*Test for colour fastness performed on red and black polyester after 50 washing cycles at 30 degrees.

Colours love salt

Without coming into contact with your clothes, the salt activates an ion-exchange filter that softens the water and removes harsh minerals and impurities. So colours will keep their intensity wash after wash and blacks won’t fade to grey.  

Energy efficiency, time and care - perfectly balanced in the UltraWash programme

Our UltraWash programme is the ideal balance of care and energy efficiency for your mixed loads - in a 59min cycle. Efficient low temperature washing protects your clothes. By washing at 30ºC, you save 30% energy compared to a 40ºC cotton programme. Kind to your clothes, kind to the environment.

Clean efficiently at 30°C, save 30% energy*

*With the UltraWash programme, you thoroughly clean at 30°C and save more than 30% energy compared to a 40°C cotton programme.

Enjoy clothes for longer with UltraCare

Enjoy clothes for longer with our UltraCare system. Detergent and softener are pre-mixed in water before they reach the drum, so they are evenly distributed in the wash. This means they get to work quickly, which in turn protects the fibres of clothes.

That smooth sharpness, ready at once

Our SteamCare system gives you professional results in the comfort of your own home. End each wash with steam to reduce wrinkles by a third, achieving a smooth finish without the heat of regular ironing. Or use our FreshScent steam programme to refresh a garment and avoid unnecesssary washing.

A third less creases*

*Compared to the same machine without SteamCare System.

SensiCare - Your everyday, washed with care

Our SensiCare System ensures the right level of care by adjusting time, energy and water consumption to your load. This prevents clothes from being washed for too long, making garments retain their look and feel for longer. 

Fabrics look like new for twice as long*

*Test of colour fastness performed by Ritex. Test no. 15CR00099 in December 2015.

Sensors automatically adjust the cycle settings to the size of the load within first minute to reduce the time, energy and water used. this means less water and tear, not only for your clothes but also for the environment.