A cooler, healthier home

A women sleeping peacefully, not being woken up by the sound of her cooling unit

Near-silent air conditioning

Enjoy clean air and a good night's sleep with the OptiBreeze air conditioner. Its special sleep mode regulates temperature levels to complement your sleep pattern. All while purifying the air from odours, allergens and bacteria. You'll sleep well and wake up healthy because advanced filters ensure your air is always clean and fresh. All at a near-silent 22dB running volume.

The Electrolux ChillFlex unit placed in a lounge room

Comfortable cooling anywhere

Enjoy flexible, stylish and efficient air conditioning anywhere you like. The ChillFlex portable air conditioner has practical no-scratch castors and a top handle so it's easy to move. Plus the sensor in the remote control maintains the ideal temperature wherever it's located. So you just need to place it near you for maximum comfort.

A parent and child relaxing in a cool, refreshing home

Air conditioning to go

Keep energised and relaxed with a comfortable climate, whatever the weather. Whether in the bedroom or workspace, just take the unit with you. The ChillFlex Plus portable air conditioner is mobile, offering you refreshing air wherever you need it. And with outstanding energy efficiency and contemporary design it does good and it looks good.

The WiFi ControlBox

Cool from your smart phone

Always return home to the perfect temperature with our WiFi ControlBox. You can use it to control your home's air conditioning via your smart phone from anywhere. Monitor and set different temperatures and fan speeds for each room. So you can arrive back to the kind of comfort only your home can provide.

A more comfortable home

The smart dehumidifier turning a home study into a fresh space to work in

Smart dehumidifying

For precise humidity control and fast, flexible air drying choose AmbiFlex. It's a powerful de-humidifier that automatically controls the humidity in your room. The sleek, stylish design means it can go anywhere, for efficient dehumidifying throughout your home.

A warmer, cosier home

A female relaxing with her dog in her warm and cosy home

A radiator for any room

Are there rooms that sometimes need a little extra heat? The HeatFlex radiator is a stylish oil-filled portable heater and the ideal solution. It provides stable heat anywhere in your home in a convenient and affordable way. And it looks good with any décor.

A child sheltering in her warm home from the cold outside

Heat all year round

Designed and built in Sweden, our OptiBreeze Air to Air HeatPump is made to withstand the harsh Nordic winter. So you'll stay warm and cosy even when it's -30 degrees outside. With low energy consumption and a barely audible running volume, neither the cold or energy bills will keep you up at night. And in summer it'll keep you cool too.