Whether you’re griddling, simmering or exploring totally new ideas, the SensePro® hob gives you confidence. Discover the world’s first hob with wireless and battery-less food sensor.

Discover your culinary potential

A wireless food sensor measures the core temperature and communicates this to the hob so you can boil, fry and simmer with confidence.

Choose rare, medium, well-done while sizzling a steak on in the pan. For perfect results, every time.

Frying pan on stove
Salmon in pan

Precise assistance, no more quesswork

Meet your new sous chef, the SensePro® hob with sous-vide technology. Explore new ways of cooking with sous-vide and enjoy restaurant quality results.

Meet your new sous chef

Together with the wireless food sensor, the SensePro® hob lets you cook sous-vide with absolute precision. Selecting the temperature accurately to the exact degree.

Sous-vide cooking offers more control over your timings in the kitchen, and while locking in all the flavours and nutrients, it gives you time to prepare the rest of your restaurant-style meal.

Close-up pot

Professional results demand professional tools.

SensePro® hob

Our SENSE hobs range includes smart features for precise assistance during the cooking process and take out the guesswork. Create delicious food every time.