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Google Assistant

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Connect your oven to Google Home

  • Google Home Device Icon
    Set up Google Home device

    Make sure your Google Home device is connected and working, if not follow the instructions provided with the Google Home device. For further assistance go to

  • Wifi Icon
    Connect the oven

    Make sure your oven is connect with the “My Electrolux Kitchen” app if not, download the app and follow the instructions! Connect the oven and the Google Home device to the same Wi-Fi.

  • Three different "add" Icons
    Start the Google Home app

    A. Add (on home screen)
    B. Set up device 
    C. Works with google
(Have something already setup?)

  • Electrolux logo
    Connect to your account

    Select Electrolux in the list and log in to your Electrolux account. (Account for “My Electrolux Kitchen” app)

Controlling the oven remotely

Once the oven is running you can always control the oven using Google Home. If the oven isn’t started, remote control most be activated on the oven in order to start the oven using Google Home. 

How to activate remote control

Tap the Wi-Fi icon on the control panel to turn on the remote control.

* For your safety and in compliance with EU regulations

Use one command 
at a time!

Dos example: “Ok Google, start the oven” then “Ok Google, set the temperature to 200 degrees”

Don’ts example: “OK Google start the oven and set the temperature to 200 degrees”

Download the Google Home app

Ask your assistant

All commands must begin with "Ok Google" or "Hey Google"

  • Turn on the oven
  • Turn off the oven
  • Start the oven
  • Stop the oven
  • Set oven temperature to 200 degrees
  • Increase oven temperature by 10 degrees
  • Decrease oven temperature by 20 degrees
  • Is the oven running?
  • What is the temperature of the oven?

More than one oven?

If you have more than one WiFi oven you need to name them and refer to them as “upper & lower” or “top & bottom” (whatever you like) so that Google knows which oven to start. i.e. “...start upper oven” or “…increase top oven temperature by 10 degrees.”

Also if you have the ovens in different rooms you also need to specify where the oven you would like to control is situated. i.e. “...start the oven in the kitchen” or “... start the oven in the basement”

Removing your oven from Google Home

To remove the appliance from your google account Open the Google Home app. Tap on the device you wish to remove. Tap on 'Unlink Service' Follow any on screen instructions Removal is complete, tap Done. 

All connected appliance data is held in strict accordance with the Electrolux Data Privacy Statement.