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The Electrolux DualCare™ washer dryer lets you wash and dry all your laundry in one go. With programs for every fabric, including woollens and delicates, you can confidently wash and dry your favourite clothes again and again.


The washer dryer with a soft touch

The DualCare™ System in this machine lets you wash and dry all your delicate fabrics, including handwash-only items. Gentle programs and lower drying temperatures mean you won’t just see the difference, you’ll feel it too.

Discover the benefits of steam

Professional laundries rely on steam to relax fibres and remove creases. Our steam program gives you the same capabilities at home, eliminating odours and making ironing easier. So you spend less time and effort on laundry.

Technology that tailors each cycle

Put your washing in the drum and let DualCare™ do the rest. Its OptiSense technology automatically senses each load size, calculating water use and program time. So no matter what you wash, you always get the best fabric care.

Wash and dry any load in an hour

DualCare’s™ 60-minute wash and dry program is perfect for doing laundry after work – or any time you're in a hurry. Giving great results in just an hour, it saves you time and gives you the best energy efficiency.

Adjust the cycle to suit your schedule – not the other way around

Make certain the laundry will fit into your schedule. With TimeManager®, you can adjust the cycle and your laundry will be ready exactly when you say so.


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