Product details

The 600 GentleCare Heat Pump Dryer evenly dries at half the temperature, without extending the cycle length, so fabrics aren't exposed to unnecessary heat. This preserves garments, helping them look and feel like new for longer.


No sorting needed. Mixed loads each time evenly dried with MixCare

MixCare provides powerful yet gentle drying for mixed loads of cottons and synthetics, ensuring clothes are evenly dried with no sorting needed.

SensiCare – optimal drying to preserve your clothes

SensiCare measures the temperature and humidity of each load, adjusting the time and energy consumption accordingly, so garments are protected from overheating and overdrying. Clothes look and feel new for longer without wasting energy.

EasyClean Filter – for an energy-efficient machine​

The EasyClean Filter is easy to clean and keeps your machine running at its best, helping to keep energy efficiency.

Anticrease helps reducing wrinkles

Anticrease allows the drum to rotate in both directions periodically, helping reduce wrinkles in clothes during the cooling down phase.​


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