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DynamicAir Technology creates an airflow, moving cool air around the fridge, so there's always a stable temperature in every corner. Preserving ingredients from losing shape or drying out.


Consistently cool, with DynamicAir

DynamicAir makes sure that the environment inside your fridge is kept at a stable temperature. It works by circulating cool air throughout, meaning that even when the door is opened, your food is protected from heating up.

A game changer – unique fridge with recycled plastic

We're proudly introducing our unique fridge with an inner lining made of 70% recycled plastic. Plastic from discarded fridge is used to make new ones, helping reduce waste through circularity.

The Touch Electronic Control on Top offers easy access to functions

Precisely set the temperature and easily access the Refrigerator functions, thanks to the clear display of the Touch Electronic Control on Top.

Extra organization. With ExtraZone

Separate food groups with the ExtraZone drawer. To stay organised and always have the right ingredients to hand.

Smooth, quite, soft closing door

Enjoy specially crafted door hinges that help to prevent an accidently open fridge door that can lead to wasted energy and spoiled food by ensuring a snug, secure and quiet experience when closing the door.


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