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600 TwinTech® No Frost fridge-freezer protects flavours in every ingredient. It's dual cooling system ensures the freezer stays frost-free and humidity in the fridge is optimal preventing the food from drying out.


TwinTech® No Frost - food kept hydrated and juicy

TwinTech® No Frost has an advanced dual cooling system for the fridge and freezer. This technology ensures the freezer stays frost-free and the fridge humidity optimal, preventing the food from drying out.

Compressor ten-year warranty

Enjoy total peace of mind knowing the compressor itself has a ten-year warranty. The warranty covers damages which could be incurred during labour, transportation, gas removal and refilling, or general maintenance.

Precise food storage with Internal Electronic Control

Take command of the storage conditions of your food with Internal Electronic Control. The LED indicators conveniently show you the temperature, and the settings remove any guesswork.

Maintain perfect texture with FastFreeze

The FastFreeze system freezes fresh foods quickly so that vitamins, textures, flavours, and all healthy qualities are better preserved.

Premium LED fridge lighting

Enjoy excellent visibility with our fridge's integrated LED lighting. The discreet, energy-efficient bulbs shine a bright light across the whole space. Consuming ten times less energy than standard lighting.


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