Microwave Oven KMFD264TEX


Electrolux - Microwave Oven - KMFD264TEX

TouchOpen for easy access

Our microwave with TouchOpen design gives you easy access to your food. The door opens seamlessly at the touch of a button, thanks to the specially designed soft mechanism. In one smooth movement you can enjoy quick access to dishes.

Electrolux - Microwave Oven - KMFD264TEX

Grill for versatile meals

Enjoy bubbling mozzarella toasties and succulent grilled chicken in our microwave. The additional grill function means that you can enjoy your favourite dishes – fast.

Electrolux - Microwave Oven - KMFD264TEX

Microwave - your kitchen shortcut

The microwave function is your shortcut to quick and delicious meals. At the touch of a button, you can melt chocolate, defrost your favourite casserole or re-heat leftovers, fast. It’s the quick and easy way to create tasty meals.

Electrolux - Microwave Oven - KMFD264TEX

Save microwave settings for your favourite dishes

Save your preferred microwave settings for quick and easy access with the Favourite function. Once you've created a programme, you can touch the star-shaped icon on the display to activate it. This means you don't need to remember any specific settings. It's all taken care of, at a touch.

Electrolux - Microwave Oven - KMFD264TEX

A microwave ReTurntable that remembers where it started

We've designed this microwave oven so that dishes are always in the ideal position. This is because the door unlocks when the ReTurntable returns to where it started. No cup handles facing the wrong way, no hot plates in awkward positions. Just effortless access, every time.

Tech specification

  • Maximum Microwave output (W): 900
  • Maximum Grill output (W): 800
  • No. of power levels: 5
  • Cavity Size: 26
  • Noise: 60
  • Installation: FB
  • Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 459x594x404
  • 'Active' display provides cooking guidance through animation and allows cooking adjustments without interrupting the programme, making cooking easier
  • Microwave power max. 900 W, adjustable over 5 levels
  • 800W hinged grill
  • Audible cooking end signal: Audible cooking end signal indicates when the food is ready.
  • Child lock - for safety
  • Maximum Microwave output (W): 900
  • Maximum Grill output (W): 800
  • No. of power levels: 5
  • Cavity Size: 26
  • Noise: 60
  • Installation: FB
  • Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 459x594x404
  • Dimensions: 450x562x500
  • Colour: Black/Stainless Steel with Antifingerprint
  • Required Fuse: 16
  • Frequency: 50
  • Product number (PNC): 947 608 753
  • Cooking Modes: Grill, Microwave, Microwave & Grill
  • Cooking stages: 0
  • Cavity Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 220-240

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  • TouchOpen for quick and easy access
  • TouchOpen for easy access
  • Microwave - your kitchen shortcut
  • Save microwave settings for your favourite dishes


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