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Get your hob hotter, faster with the 300 Induction Hob. With no gas to ignite or coils to pre-heat, cooking zones reaches high temperatures quickly, so water boils faster than ever. And it responds instantly when you lower the heat, giving you total control.


Easy, fast and safe - Induction

Induction technology means that heat is delivered quickly and to precisely the right spot, meaning the surrounding areas remain cool and safe. It also reacts instantly to temperature changes. And the smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

Control at a touch

There’s no guesswork required with Induction Touch Controls. Access the settings through the touch-sensitive glass surface, and you can easily increase or decrease the temperature. And with no protruding buttons or knobs to consider, it’s easy to clean.

The Booster function. Rapidly boils water. Quickly gets pans hot

The Booster function quickly gets water boiling and rapidly gets pans hot. For when you need a quick start to your cooking, so you can spend more time enjoying your meal.

Lock your cooking settings

The key lock feature on our hob means your cooking settings will stay as they are, even if the control panel is accidently touched by anyone – even children. This also means you can wipe up any spills without affecting the cooking process.

An easy replacement for your radiant hob

The ELX 100 fits the existing opening in your countertop as an easy replacement for your radiant hob.


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