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The 600 Bridge Induction Hob lets you combine two separate cooking zones to create one large surface. With the temperature and time settings automatically aligned, it's ideal for making the most of planchas or roasting pots.


Combine and cook more with DoubleBridge

With the DoubleBridge function, you can combine two cooking zones on two different areas of the hob. Merged zones will have perfectly aligned temperature and time settings.

More freedom with 5 Individual Zone Controls

The 5 Individual Zone Controls user interface means you can control 5 different cooking zones, with their own settings, timers and power levels (up to 9). For more flexibility and freedom when you cook.

Heat Memory remembers settings if you spill

With Heat Memory, your hob will remember the settings for 120 seconds in case of spillage or needing to lift your pot. There's no need to restart the cooking process or adjust the temperature to keep your recipes on course.

Hob2Hood® for pure convenience

The Hob2Hood® function wirelessly connects your hob to your hood. Start cooking, and the hood will automatically adjust the settings, providing the best extraction based on the power selected on the hob. It does the hard work for you.

Intense heat, in an instant with PowerBoost

Activate the PowerBoost function for an instant burst of heat during cooking. It's ideal for getting dishes ready faster. You can boil water quicker than ever before, and get pans ready for searing when you need them.


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