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The 300 SpaceSaving hood with sleek design is fully integrated into the cabinet. No screws or metal parts are visible, and it’s only visible when it’s in use. Meaning you have more storage space in the kitchen.


Electrolux - Integrated hood - LFE216S

More visibility, less energy

Energy-efficient LEDs are ideal for sociable areas like the kitchen, where lighting is used frequently and for long periods of time. Bright, long-lasting and incredibly energy-efficient, they're an essential feature in modern homes.

Reliably reduces cooking fumes

Create a cleaner atmosphere for you to cook, eat and relax in with this efficient cooker hood. Its reliable motor effectively reduces cooking fumes so you can enjoy your time in the kitchen more than ever.

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Electrolux - Integrated hood - LFG225S
Integrated hood
  • Elegant and fully integrated hood
  • Shaped for subtlety
  • Reliably reduces cooking fumes
  • Clean filter, clean air.
  • Hood settings, made simple


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