Bagless Vacuum Cleaner ZTT7920RP

Electrolux - Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - ZTT7920RP

A full sized, powerful cyclonic vacuum cleaner which never loses suction.

Aptica is packed with the latest innovation in multi cyclonic technology, separating dirt and dust from the air path so your filters don’t get clogged. This ensures powerful constant suction.

Electrolux - Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - ZTT7920RP

Animal Care

Aptica Animal Care models are designed with pet owners in mind and are equipped with both an anti odour HEPA filter with carbon, and a special pet turbo nozzle making it easy to remove animal hair.

Electrolux - Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - ZTT7920RP

Hardfloor Nozzle

All Aptica models are equipped with a special hardfloor nozzle, specifically designed for highly efficient cleaning of all hardfloor types such as tiles, solid wood, linoleum, marble, etc.

Electrolux - Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - ZTT7920RP

Easy handling

When developing Aptica one of the key requirements was to develop a dust bin that was easier to access, empty and clean. These requirements resulted in a completely new type of bagless vacuum cleaner.

Electrolux - Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - ZTT7920RP


Aptica is all about meeting specific cleaning needs. Equipped with three additional accessories for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, Aptica ensures efficient cleaning while achieving the best cleaning result.

Tech specification

  • Noise level, dB(A): 82
  • Suction power, W: 320
  • Max airflow cleaner complete: 27
  • Max nominal wattage motor, W: 1600/1400
  • Colour: Watermelon Red Metallic
  • Cleaner's weight (in kg): 5.1
  • Other: None
  • Upholstery nozzle: Textile nozzle for couches and textiles.
  • Soft wheels: Soft wheels make sure that your floor doesn't get scratched during cleaning and mean less noise when pulling the cleaner around.
  • Bagless: You don’t have to keep track of which bag fits, buying bags or storing them. The dust container and filters are easy to handle.
  • Auto-reverse cord winder: Only feeds the length you need - automatically rewinds
  • Telescopic tube: Telescopic adjustment of the tube length for ergonomic use and extended reach when needed.
  • Noise level, dB(A): 82
  • Suction power, W: 320
  • Max airflow cleaner complete: 27
  • Colour: Watermelon Red Metallic
  • Cleaner's weight (in kg): 5.1
  • PNC: 900 257 690
  • Other: None
  • Bagtype/Liter: , None
  • Dust cassette capacity: 1.6
  • Action Radius: 8,8
  • Non-integrated accessories: Crevice nozzle, Dusting brush, Upholstery nozzle with plush plates
  • Integrated accessories: No
  • Dustbag supplied: No


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