Vacuum cleaner tips and tricks

Last updated 29/09/2023 12:38

Did you know a vacuum cleaner can do more than just clean the floor? Below we have listed a few hacks that will turn your vacuum cleaner to a true multi-tool around the house

Fixing furniture dents in carpets

1. Unsightly furniture dents

When you vacuum your carpets you often find ugly dents from the furniture. No worries!

2. Raise the fibres

Simply place ice cubes on the dents and the carpet fibres will raise up. 

3. Good as new

Then vacuum it again and the rug will look as brand new!

Finding lost items

1. Uh oh!

Lost something tiny? Use the vacuum power to find it again.

2. Partyhose trick

Take of your attached nozzle and place an old pair of pantyhose on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.

3. Item found!

Vacuum the area and you might catch it in the pantyhose-filter.  

The perfect ponytail

1. Find a hair tie

Catch all of your (or your children's) hair in the perfect ponytail. Place a hair tie around the stick above the nozzle.

2. Use a low setting

Then use the vacuum to collect all the hair you would like to include. 

3. Voliá!

Now simply drag the hair tie over to the hair and you are done!

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