800 Cordless Cleaner - powerful and versatile charging station

Last updated 12/10/2021 09:19


Congratulations on your purchase of an Electrolux 800 Cordless Cleaner. When it comes to vacuuming, this powerful cleaning companion is convenient to use, and it delivers up to 60 minutes of runtime.* It uses powerful suction to get floors and other areas thoroughly cleaned.

The Electrolux 800 Cordless Cleaner also comes with a unique Roll-in-Roll-Out charging station for both securely storing and charging the vacuum cleaner. The Roll-in-Roll-Out charging station also allows you to start cleaning without having to first lift the vacuum cleaner.

Ready to unpack and use your new deep-cleaning machine? Here are some simple steps so you can start cleaning with your easy to assemble Electrolux 800 Cordless Cleaner.

*Based on internal tests (2021) on handheld unit on min mode according to IEC 62885-4

Step #1 - Verify the box contents

Take all the contents out of the box and verify you have the following:

1. Base plate
2. PowerPro multi-surface nozzle
3. PowerPro hard floor nozzle
4. BedProPower™ Plus nozzle
5. PetPro nozzle
6. Battery pack
7. Handheld unit
8. Telescopic tube
9. Delicate dusting brush
10. Short crevice
11. Angle joint
12. Single accessory holder
13. Triple accessory holder
14. Charging stand tube
15. Small dusting brush  

*Colours shown on the packaging and in advertisements may not be the same as the item you purchased, actual colours vary per model. 

** The nozzles and accessories shown on the packaging and in advertisements may vary based on country specific model.

Step #2

Put the adapter power cable into the bottom of the charging base plate.

Step #3

Mount the charging stand tube onto the charging base plate.

Step #4

Attach the battery pack to the handheld unit, and the handheld unit to the telescopic tube.

Step #5

Attach the PowerPro multi-surface nozzle to the end of the telescopic tube.

Step #6

Roll in the fully assembled cleaner into the charging station and charge for 2.5hrs before use.

Once your Electrolux 800 Cordless Cleaner is fully charged, you’ll be ready to clean almost any mess…easily. Enjoy!