Table blender does not switch on

Last updated 16/02/2023 11:37


  • The blender does not switch on

Applies to:

  • Table blender, models: E3TB1-4GG, E4TB1-6ST, TB3-1-4GG, TB4-1-6ST


1. Check if all the components are in the correct position.

Note! The jug can only be placed on the base with a handle towards the user interface.

See the instructional video

2. Make sure the Power button is illuminated. 

If not, press the Power button to turn the blender on.

3. Wait until the product has cooled down and all the buttons are lit.

4. Check the connection of the plug to the outlet or try another outlet.

5. Wait until the power outage is over.

6. Contact an authorized service.


  • Jug/base are not fixed properly
  • The Power button is not pressed.
  • The motor has overheated. The display is blinking
  • The plug is not properly connected to the power outlet
  • Power outage.
  • Functional problem.
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