Water supply issue (tap turned off, low pressure)

Last updated 01/06/2022 06:01

Low water pressure can cause the appliance to fill water into the drum when not in use, or alarm E10 can appear

Time: 10 min

Step 1: Check if the water tap to your appliance is fully open

If the water inlet tap is closed, switch off the appliance power and fully open the water inlet tap.

Step 2: Check the water supply

Check your home water supply, for example by opening a tap. If there’s no water flow, contact your water supplier for information.

Step 3: Check if you are using more than one appliance that needs water

If more than one appliance is operating and using water, this may cause the pressure to be too low for your washing machine. Try using the appliance while no other water-dependent appliances are running.

Step 4: Check the water inlet pressure

Check whether you can fill a 10-litre bucket of water in 1 minute or a 5-litre bucket in 30 seconds from one tap. If not, the water pressure is too low to operate the appliance, and you should contact your water supplier.

Warning: Be sure the water tap is closed before fully removing the hose.