Lack of regular maintenance of detergent drawer

Last updated 01/06/2022 07:01

Make sure the detergent drawer is clean

Time: 10 min

If the dispenser drawer or the sprinkler plate over the drawer is very dirty or covered in limescale, the water may flow out and cause the problem.

Clean the dispenser drawer in accordance with the user manual and try the appliance again.

GUIDE FOR CLEANING - The below diagrams do not show every possible variation of the drawers in our range, however the principles on how to remove the drawer and compartments remain the same.

{UM|For a more specific guide on your exact model please refer to the user manual}

Step 1: Remove the detergent dispenser drawer by pulling it firmly

Some models require pressing the catch downwards as indicated in the picture to pull the drawer out:

Step 2: Remove the top part of the fabric conditioner compartment to aid in cleaning and flush it out under running warm water, to remove any traces of accumulated detergent

After cleaning, put the top part back into position.

Step 3: Make sure that all detergent residue is removed from the upper and lower part of the recess

Use a small brush to clean the recess.

Step 4: Insert the detergent drawer into the guide rails and push it in

Run the rinsing programme without any clothes in the drum.

Regularly clean the detergent drawer to prevent the build-up of detergent residues.