Inlet hose connection

Last updated 01/06/2022 06:01

Make sure the inlet hose is not leaking water and the connection is tight

Time: 5 - 20 min

Any leak in the hose can cause the water to flow out into the machine next to the back panel.

Step 1: Check the inlet hose for any splits or damage and replace it when necessary

{AMS|143|If your hose is damaged, you must always replace it}

Step 2: Check the inlet hose 'O' ring seal is clean and the seals are fitted on both ends of the hose. Check for signs of damage on the seals or if they are missing

Seal is missing

Seal is fitted correctly

Step 3: Check if the inlet hose connection is screwed on and tightened properly (tighten by hand only)

Step 4: Check the connection of the water supply hose to the tap

Make sure no leaks are visible. Do not use any tools to tighten the connection.

Warning: Do not overtighten. This could cause a leak and damage to the hose connector and seal.