Fluff filter jammed

Last updated 01/06/2022 06:01

Make sure that fluff filters are firmly secured and tightened to prevent leaking

Time: 10 min

Warning: Disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket. Do not remove the filter while the appliance operates. Do not clean the pump if the water in the appliance is hot. Wait until the water cools down. 

Step 1: Open the pump cover located at the bottom right of your appliance

Step 2: Place a suitable bowl below the drain pump access to collect the water that flows out

Open the chute downwards. Always keep a rag nearby to dry up any water spillages when removing the filter.

Step 3: Turn the filter 180 degrees in an anti-clockwise direction to open it, without removing

Try to use a tool (e.g. pliers) to loosen or remove the filter but do not force it too much in order not to break plastic parts.

Let the water flow out into the bowl.

When the bowl is full of water, turn the filter back and empty the container.

Repeat this step until the water stops flowing out.

Step 4: Turn the filter anti-clockwise to remove the filter

If you cannot remove the filter, you have objects jammed inside and may need a service engineer to come and remove them.

{BAS|If you cannot remove the filter you may need to book a repair}

Step 5: Remove debris from the filter recess

Use a pen or pencil to rotate the impeller 2-3 times. Attempt a full rotation to make sure nothing is stuck in the impeller.

Step 6: Now that the filter is clear from debris, check if the impeller is rotating. you should feel a slight resistance like it is "spring-loaded"

{BAS|If your impeller appears to be jammed, you may need to book a repair}

Step 7: Clean the filter by rinsing it under a tap.

{AMS|130|If the filter appears to be damaged or broken, we recommend buying a new one} 

Step 8: Put the filter back into the special guides by turning it clockwise. Make sure that you tighten the filter correctly to prevent leakages

Step 9: Close the pump cover

When you drain the water with the emergency drain procedure, you must activate the drain system again. Put 2 litres of water in the main wash compartment of the detergent dispenser.