Extension hose connection blocked

Last updated 01/06/2022 06:01

Check the extension connection for any blockages

Time: 5 min

When water is not draining from the machine, check the extension connection (the device that connects both hoses together) for a blockage. 

Step 1: Pull the hose from the extension connecter (if the connector is clamped unscrew the clamp before removing the hose) and check if the hose is clean of debris

If the hose is blocked remove the blockage and clean the extension hose then perform the draining cycle into a bucket. 

Step 2: Check the hose connected to the sink trap, and check if the sink is draining normally to rule out the blockage

Check whether the drains are draining satisfactorily.

Try a wash with the drain hose in a bowl or sink.

if the washing machine is working correctly after the test wash, it may indicate that the siphon/outlet is clogged - make sure the siphon/outlet is clear.

{BAS|If you are unable to solve this on your own, we recommend booking a repair.}