Washing machine does not heat up and does not display an error message

Last updated 11/04/2024 05:11


  • The washing machine does not heat water and does not display an error message
  • The clothes are cold after washing

Applies to

  • washing machines


If your washing machine does not heat up and does not display an error message it might be useful to check the following:

  • Check that the correct program has been selected. Some programs default to a lower temperature. Cotton can be washed at high temperatures and synthetics and delicate programs operate at lower temperatures. 
  • When you select a program a temperature will appear in the temperature display, this will be the temperature recommended for that program. In most programs, the wash temperature can be changed by pressing the temperature button. 
  • It can be reduced to a cold wash – this symbol represents a cold wash
  • If this has been selected, the program will operate a cold wash without heating water.

The temperature selection button is found on the control panel, an example of which is pictured below.

  • To check if the water heating system works correctly, set the Cottons program with a minimum of 60 degrees - during the wash cycle (after about 40-50 minutes) the door should feel warm. 
  • The final rinse is generally cold so clothes coming out of the machine at the end of the program will feel cold when removed from the washing machine. This is normal and not a malfunction.
  • If there is a fault with the washing machine's heater, the electronics should detect the fault and display the corresponding error code (E60).
  • If these tips do not solve the issue you may wish to book a service call to help diagnose and correct the problem.

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  • Modern washing machines wash at lower temperatures and if an older washing machine model has been replaced with a new one, it may not heat the water to the same temperature as the previously used appliance.
  • The last rinse is usually cold, so clothes will appear cold when removed from the washing machine at the end of the program. 
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