Washing machine displays padlock

Last updated 26/02/2021 14:13


  • A padlock has appeared on the display and the appliance won't function
  • How to deactivate Child Lock in my washing machine?

Applies to

  • washing machine


 A padlock being displayed is to highlight that the ''Child lock'' function has been activated. With this option you can prevent that the children play with the control panel. 

 When the child lock is engaged it will stop you from performing any action.

Sometimes it can be engaged by mistake whilst hitting the buttons that activate this feature. It is easily resolved by the following instructions:

To activate/deactivate this option, touch the Stains/Prewash and the Extra Rinse buttons simultaneously in a fast and consistent manner until the padlock no longer displays on the LED display.

You can activate this option: 

• After you touch the Start/Pause button: all the buttons and the programme dial are deactivated (except On/Off button ). 

• Before you touch the Start/Pause button: the appliance cannot start. The appliance keeps the selection of this option after you switch it off.


 If you have trouble removing the child lock, disconnect the appliance from the power supply for about 5-10 mins before trying again.

 For appliances with a programme button, you can usually remove child lock as soon as the appliance has been powered on.

 For appliances with a programme dial, you may need to unlock this on the last used programme or cycle through each programme, attempting to remove child lock.

Usually, the child lock buttons will be highlighted on the control panel. If these aren't present, then please refer to your user manual.

 If you are still experiencing issues, then a service visit would be recommended.


  • The child lock has been activated making the appliance appear unresponsive
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