Clothing Wash Care Symbols

Last updated 31/05/2021 05:56


  • What do the wash symbols on labels mean?

Applies to

  • washing machine
  • tumble dryer
  • washer-dryer


To learn more about the wash care symbols on labels, refer to the table below:

  • Various symbols are printed on the inside of clothes, indicating how they should be washed/cared for.

Washing your clothes using the correct programme can increase the life of your clothes significantly.  It also has a large impact on the environment as it reduces the number of items placed in landfills.  The production of clothing carries a large carbon footprint also, so by washing clothes in the correct way, we keep our favourite clothes looking for longer

A guide to wash labels:

1. The number inside the wash tub symbol such as this one indicates that the clothing item should be washed at a maximum of 30 degrees.  

2. If there's no line shown under the tub, this indicates that the Cotton programme should be used. 

3. When there are lines underneath the tub such as these a different programme must be used. One line underneath the tub indicates a Synthetic programme must be used and two lines indicate a Woolens wash must be used. You may also see a tub image where there's a broken line underneath this also indicates a Woolens programme should be used.

If your symbol is not listed below, please leave a comment on the article and we shall endeavour to include it.