The New Energy Label requirements - addition of the mandatory "eco 40-60" programme on Electrolux washing machines and washer dryers

Last updated 06/02/2020 12:41


  • Following the new energy legislation, what are the changes impacting the washing machines' and washer dryers' control panels?
  • Will the "Cotton Eco" program be replaced by another similar one?
  • What is the mandatory "eco 40-60 programme"?
  • What are the possible discrepancies between the appliance ordered by the consumer and the appliance received?

Applies to

  • washing machines
  • washer dryers


1. Introduction & background

  • Current European energy label has been in place since being gradually introduced in 1994 – 2004. The current energy label is recognized by 85% of consumers in Europe 
  • In 2006 two-thirds of refrigerators and washing machines sold were labelled as class A. In 2017 well over 90% of those sold were higher than class A, namely A+, A++ or A+++
  • As the current energy label is starting to be obsolete, there was a need for a new energy label introduction
  • The European Union is, therefore, introducing a new Energy Label for washing machines, washer-dryers, dishwashers, cooling appliances (including wine storage), lamps and televisions
  • The new labelling is more complex, with new performance items, stricter eco-design requirements  and new testing method
  • With the new labelling, A+++ energy efficiency class could, for example, become a D class after rescaling

2. Laundry

  • Electrolux is obliged to introduce a mandatory eco programme called "eco 40-60" to meet the new energy legislation requirements. In order to do this, there will be a slight change in the control panels for our existing products
  • Electrolux is going to update the control panel and standard product images to reflect these changes. This will be done on an on-going basis.
  • However, it can happen that one consumer sees one machine with the “new” control panel online but receive the machine with the “old” control panel as the supplier still has some old stock.

Electrolux brand change of control panels

  • The only change on the control panel relates to the addition of the mandatory eco 40-60 programme. It replaces the current ECO programme already available on the appliance. Therefore you do not lose anything as we are replacing one eco programme by another one.  
  • The energy class is determined by the so-called energy efficiency index (EEI). The EEI for washing machines is based on a new programme called “eco 40-60”. This programme is able to clean normally soiled cotton laundry declared to be washable at 40°C or 60°C, together in the same cycle. 
  • The same applies to Electrolux washer-dryers.