How to wash jeans?

Last updated 02/07/2020 12:30

How to wash jeans?

1. Hand washing your jeans

  • Empty the pockets and turn your jeans inside out to prevent washing the color off.
  • Fill the bathtub with cold or lukewarm water. This will prevent jeans from stretching.
  • Add a small amount of a mild laundry detergent.
  • Spread your jeans flat in the bathtub to avoid creases.
  • Soak your jeans for approximately 45 minutes.
  • Then, triple rinse your jeans with cold water, to ensure that the detergent has washed off.
  • Fold your jeans and press firmly to get rid of excess water. 

2. Drying your jeans

  • It is recommended to air dry your jeans.
  • Hang your jeans inside out to avoid marks, that laundry clips may leave on the material.
  • Do not leave jeans in a direct sunlight, as this can cause fading and shrinking. 
  • Try to avoid ironing jeans. However, if you decide to iron, turn your pair of jeans inside out and iron while the jeans are still damp. This way you will get rid of all the creases.

3.Targeting the stains on your jeans

  • You should remove stains from your pair of jeans, before washing them.
  • To get rid of  stains rub them gently with a mix of water and vinegar or a mild laundry detergent

4. Freshening your jeans between the washes

If you want to freshen your denim pants between the washes, spray them with a mixture of water with vinegar or alcohol. You can also add a few drops of essential oil into the mix, to ensure that your jeans have a pleasant scent. 

5. Freezing your jeans

  • Freezing denim helps kill bacteria and germs, that may have developed on the fabric.
  • Before washing your jeans, you can fold them, put them in a plastic bag and leave them in a freezer for up to 24 hours.
  • Keep in mind that freezing your jeans should not replace washing  them.  Freezing can be one of the steps of the process of washing denim.

Tip: You can hand wash your jeans with addition of salt. Rubbing salt on denim can help creating unique patterns and fading , therefore personalize your jeans!

6. Washing your jeans in Electrolux washing machine

  • Always check the guides on how to wash jeans that the manufacturer provided on the label.
  • Before putting your jeans in a washing machine, spot clean the stains using vinegar or laundry detergent.
  • Empty pockets, zip, button and turn the jeans inside out.
  • Do not mix jeans with white or bright clothes in the washing machine. This can lead to dying bright clothes blue.
  •  Enable jeans programme on your Electrolux washing machine, which is perfect for all types of denim. 
  • If you don't have jeans programme, use a gentle cycle, to prevent damaging the fabric.
  • Add a small amount of a mild, denim-friendly detergent. Be sure to nurture your jeans with the right detergent. You will find many detergents that are specially formulated for colour garments. Liquid detergents or  laundry capsules understand jeans best because they’re much gentler on colour.
  • Our UltraCare system nourishes your jeans as it cleans them. Unlike other machines that mix the detergent and softener in the drum, our exclusive system pre-mixes them before the water even touches the clothes, to give a softer, more caring clean.
  • See the video below for further instructions:


Important: It is not recommended to wash ''raw'' denim in a washing machine, as it can cause damaging to the fabric.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should you wash your jeans? 
    • There is no need to wash jeans after every use. You should wash your jeans whenever you feel like they are dirty. Keep in mind that spot cleaning or freezing the denim are not hygienically sufficient.

  • How to soften new jeans?
    • If you want to soften the fabric of your new denim, you can soak them in a mixture of water and vinegar.

  • How to get rid of a new jeans smell?
    • If you want to get rid of the smell that newly bought denim may carry, you can either freeze your jeans or soak them in water with a bit of vinegar. Both these methods are effective in removing bad smells from denim.

  • Should you wash your new jeans before wearing them?
    • Manufacturers discourage washing new jeans, before wearing them. It is recommended that you first wear your denim, so it can adjust to your body shape. After a while you can wash your jeans for the first time, in a low temperature to preserve the unique shape. 

  • What if your jeans do fade?
    • If the colour of your jeans fades, you can a fabric dye that will help with bringing the color back. Make sure that the dye is safe for denim, to avoid damaging the fabric!

  • Is it better to hand wash jeans?
    • If you follow the guidelines to washing denim, both hand washing and machine washing are safe for the fabric. While choosing the best method, keep in mind that hand washing requires more time and effort on your side and uses more water than a machine wash.

  • How to wash jeans with holes in them?
    • It is recommended to wash jeans with holes in cold water and possibly the most gentle washing machine programme. In order to preserve the original tears and holes, you can put denim in a lingerie wash bag.

  • How to wash black jeans?
    • Most of the instructions regarding washing blue denim apply to black denim as well.  The only difference is, that in order to preserve the color longer, it is better to use detergents dedicated to black fabrics, as this color tends to wash off quicker than others.  Remember to separate blue denim from black before washing!


  • Wash your jeans in cold water/low temperature
  • Soak your denim in mixture of water and vinegar
  • Wash and hang your denim inside out
  • Always check the label before washing


  • Use bleach on denim
  • Use harsh detergents
  • Wash in high temperatures
  • Wash denim with bright colors, especially whites