Connected appliances - The appliance cannot be registered

Last updated 17/03/2020 11:54


  • The appliance cannot be registered

Applies to: 

  • Appliances with connectivity feature


  • Check if your WiFi network connection is updated and encrypted

Perform the following instructions:

1. Find your Wi-Fi connection in the list of available networks on a mobile device of your choice.

  • If you see a padlock icon next to the name of your Wi-Fi network, it means you are using some form of encryption. If not, proceed to step 2.
  • Check your Wi-Fi network configuration settings for the type of encryption being used.
  • Choose WPA2, if available, and proceed to step 3. If WPA2 is not available, go to step 2.

2. Check if your router supports WPA2 as a form of encryption. If it does, proceed to step 3. 

If it does not, you might have to upgrade your router. 

3. Go to network configuration settings to set up a WiFi network name and a password.

  • You might have to reboot your router to complete the process. 
  • Select the new WiFi network connection on each device and enter the password. 


  • WiFi network connection might be unencrypted OR the encryption itself might be outdated. An updated and encrypted network connection is a pre-requisite to be able to run the application.


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Book a repair

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