LED flashes on the washer - dryer's display

Last updated 27/09/2019 10:17


  • LED flashes on the washer - dryer's display

Applies to:

  • washer dryer


1. Check the function buttons, which may be present on the appliance’s control panel.

  • Some or all of these combinations of LEDs switch on either at the beginning or during a cycle.

2. If a light illuminates at the end of a cycle, the cycle may be finished.

  • Check if the door can be opened or if the counter is reset.

3. If the appliance has a display, check if "End" is visible.

  • Remember that it takes approximately 3–5 minutes before the door opens after the end of a cycle.
  • This is a safety measure for all washing machines.

4. The cycle may have been interrupted or paused accidentally. 

  • Try to restart the cycle by pressing the START/PAUSE button.
  • Any faults are indicated by a flashing LED, usually accompanied by an error code visible on the display. In this case, contact an Authorized Service Center.
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