Condenser tumble dryer taking too long to finish (video)

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Condenser tumble dryer taking too long to finish

Applies to

Tumble Dryers


If your condenser tumble dryer is taking too long to complete the cycle you may wish to check the following.

Check that the fluff filter is clean and empty after each cycle. If the fluff filter is not emptied after each drying cycle then the drying cycle will be longer than normal.

The fluff filter is located at the base of the door opening. It can be lifted out.

Open the filter, it clicks open like a book

Empty the fluff from the filter into the bin and if necessary vacuum it out.

Close the filter and reinsert it into it’s place in the door opening.

The Condenser unit of the dryer should be cleaned on a monthly Basis. If this is not done it can lead to longer drying times.

In Condenser dryers the Condenser unit is located at the bottom front of the dryer, behind the white cover

This can be removed and cleaned under running water.

The condenser unit can then be reinserted into its place.

If you dryer is a heatpump dryer the condenser unit does not pull out but can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner if necessary. 

Also if your drying cycle is taking too long check that you have not put too much laundry in the dryer. Different drying cycles allow for different capacities of laundry.

Details of this can be found in your user manual and the table of programmes and maximum capacities will look like this. 

Check that the room temperature is not too cold or too warm. 

The room should be warmer than 5°C and lower than 35°C for the dryer to operate correctly.

We have a video below which also may help.

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