How to replace the drawer (MDR4)

Last updated 26/02/2021 05:55

Before any maintenance operation, deactivate the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the socket.

Always take care when moving appliances, for heavy appliances it's necessary two persons to move it. 

Always use safety gloves and enclosed footwear.

Please note that self-repair or nonprofessional repair can have safety consequences if not done properly



To avoid personal injury or property damage, handle tempered glass shelves carefully. Shelves may break suddenly if nicked, scratched, or exposed to sudden temperature change. Allow the glass shelves to stabilize to room temperature before cleaning. Do not wash in dishwasher.


Features may vary according to model.

Shelf positions can easily be adjusted in the fresh food compartments as needed. The shelves have mounting brackets that attach to slotted supports at the rear of each compartment.

1.1    Change the Position of a Shelf

1.    Remove all food from shelf.

2.    Lift the front edge up and pull the shelf out.

3.    Replace by inserting the mounting bracket hooks into the desired support slots.

4.    Lower the shelf and lock into position.

To adjust flip shelf:

1.    Remove food from shelf.

2.    Lift the right side edge of shelf upwards and push to the left towards ice maker.

Flip Shelf

To adjust slide-under/flip


1.    Push front half shelf backward towards rear of cabinet until the rear half shelf drops down, then gently continue pushing front half shelf back and under the rear half shelf.

1.    With front half fully below back half, lift front of shelf to flip it upwards toward the back of the cabinet

1.2    Drawers

The refrigerator includes a variety of storage drawers.

Auto Ultra Fresh Crispers (with automatic humidity control)

Crisper drawers are designed for storing fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce. Crispers have an auto humidity control (with replaceable membrane) on the side of each crisper under the humidity control cover. Order a replacement membrane at

To remove the auto humidity control membrane:

1.    Reach to back of humidity control cover.

2.    Pull up on cover.

3.    Pull cover towards back of cabinet and remove.

4.    Wash the humidity membrane with water and soap

5.    Replace cover by reversing the steps above. Repeat for both crispers.


Producer does not recommend  replacing the auto-humidity membrane unless it becomes damaged or ruined. Replacement membranes can be found on

To remove the Ultra Fresh drawer for cleaning:

1.    Pull the drawer out until it stops.

2.    Lift the front slightly and remove the drawer.

Snack Zone - Recessed Snack Drawers

These drawers are ideal for storage of deli meats and cheeses.

To open: slide back the cover to allow access to the drawers.

To move door bin along a rail:

1.    Tilt bin up so the back of the bin is off the door but the hook is still engaged.

2.    Slide bin along rail to desired position.

3.    Lower bin back into place.

To move door bin from rail to rail:

1.    Lift bin up disengaging the hook.

2.    Move bin to desired rail location.

3.    Push bin hook into rail engaging the hook.


Freezer Features (varies by model)

To remove upper freezer drawer:

1.    Open freezer compartment completely.

2.    Lift up and out to remove upper freezer drawer.

Reverse the steps to reinstall drawer.


There are wheels on the bottom of the drawer. Make sure all wheels are aligned on their respective tracks for proper function. If drawer is not aligned properly, it will cause problems with the door operation.


If basket is not resting on stabilizer bar retainer clips, the drawer will not close properly.

To remove freezer basket:

1.    Open freezer compartment completely.

2.    Lift the basket up and remove. Reverse the steps to reinstall drawer.


Grab hand hold on lower divider and pull up slightly to slide to next position. (The divider cannot be removed.)


To remove the MultiSwitch/MultiChill drawer

1.    Fully open drawer.

2.    Remove basket from drawer.

3.    Unclip harness at front of drawer and move harness out of the way of drawer slides.

4.    Press liner clips and slide rail past clips on both sides to fully remove drawer from cabinet.

5.    Reverse the steps to reinstall the drawer.

Removing Freezer Drawer


Drawer is heavy. Use caution when lifting.

1.    Open drawer and fully extend.

2.    Remove the freezer drawer.

3.    Remove the freezer basket.

4.    Inside the cabinet, press the two tabs on both sides to release the sliders.

5.    Remove the drawer with brackets and sliders.

Re-installing Freezer Drawer

1.    Place drawer with brackets and sliders inside the cabinet and click into place.

2.    Replace the basket.


For additional instructions, see Storage Features section