How to set the programme with QuickSelect on your Electrolux dishwasher

Last updated 26/04/2024 07:13

A person using the QuickSelect user interface on an Electrolux dishwasher

QuickSelect is a touch control panel on selected Electrolux built-in dishwashers that allows you to tailor the settings based on your needs.

Depending on your model, it may look slightly different and come with different programmes and options.

Setting the programme 

You can set the programme manually or let your dishwasher decide the optimal settings using sensors.

Set programme manually

1. Set cycle length
Slide your finger along the MyTime slider to set the cycle duration. The display will show the programme length and provide guidance on energy and water consumption, indicated by green ECO bars on the left-hand side. The more green bars, the less energy and water you use.  

2. Select options (optional) 
Press the additional options you’d like to add from the ‘Extras’ section. The programme length may change automatically depending on the options you choose. This enables the dishwasher to deliver the best performance based on your selection. 

Depending on your model, you can select among one or multiple ‘Extras’: 

  • GlassCare for delicate items like wine glasses and china. 
  • SprayZone for stubborn residue on items placed in the dedicated area in the lower basket. 
  • ExtraPower for increased cleaning temperature.  
  • ExtraHygiene for an extra hygienic wash.  
  • ExtraSilent for a silent wash with less water pressure. 

Learn more about the options.  

Use the Auto programme

Select the Auto programme if you prefer to let your dishwasher decide the optimal settings. The dishwasher will sense the degree of residue and the number of items in the baskets. It then automatically adjusts the temperature, amount of water and programme duration accordingly. 

It’s not possible to add options if you have selected the Auto programme.

Additional options

  • Delay start: Press Delay and select how many hours you want to delay your start. 
  • Reset: If you want to reset your choices, press and hold Reset for 3 seconds.

Connect to app

If your dishwasher can be connected to the app, make sure to do so to access additional features. Among other things, you will be able to see how much water you have saved by making adjustments on the ECO bar and get access to sustainability tips.  

For more information about your specific dishwasher model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here.

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