Get connected and get started

Last updated 29/04/2022 08:41

Congratulations on your Electrolux purchase. 
Now you can take full advantage of the easy-to-use connectivity between My Electrolux Kitchen App and your new dishwasher. Follow the onboarding steps below, and see how simple it is to communicate with and optimize every function of your machine.

Five steps to get you started:

1. Download our app and log in

To get started, simply download My Electrolux Kitchen App, create your account and log in.

2. Turn on your dishwasher

Make sure your dishwasher is plugged into a power source and turn it on.

3. Press and hold the ‘Delay Start’ and ‘Quick’ buttons together

Press and hold the ‘Delay Start’ and ‘Quick’ buttons together for two seconds to activate your Wi-Fi connection.

4. Start your app and press (+) to add your appliance

Start My Electrolux Kitchen App and click on the (+) plus button to add an appliance, then choose dishwasher.

5. Follow the app instructions

Now follow the app instructions, and you should be ready to run your first cycle.

Spare parts & Accessories
Spare parts & Accessories

Find original spare parts for your appliance in our webshop and have them delivered directly to your door.