Dishwasher not cleaning properly

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  • Brown deposit in dishwasher
  • Dishwasher not cleaning properly
  • Residue in the dishwasher after usage
  • How to clean the dishwasher?
  • Dishwasher smells

Applies to

  • Integrated dishwasher
  • Freestanding dishwasher


1. Ensure that:

  • Dishes and cutlery are loaded correctly and no item is blocking the water flow
  • The detergent used for washing is of good quality
  • The right programme has been selected according to the type of load and the degree of soiling of the dishes. For example, a Quick programme selected for very dirty dishes will not provide good washing results
  • Check the user manual to see which washing programmes are available in your dishwasher

2. Before any maintenance other than running the programme Machine Care, turn off the appliance and empty it.

3. Examine the drain. Check the filters and the sump after each use of the dishwasher. 

Foreign objects (e.g. pieces of glass, plastic, bones or toothpicks, etc) decrease the cleaning performance and can cause damage to the drain pump.

Check for any large residue/deposits and remove them.

4. Carefully clean the appliance, including the rubber gasket of the door, with a soft damp cloth. Do not use abrasive products, abrasive cleaning pads, sharp tools, strong chemicals, scourers or solvents.

5. To maintain the performance of your appliance, use cleaning products designed specifically for dishwashers at least once every two months.

You will find care & maintenance products on our Webshop. 

6. We recommend cleaning all spray arms regularly to prevent soil from clogging the holes. 

Clogged holes can cause unsatisfactory washing results. Wash the spray arm under running water. Use a thin pointed tool, e.g. a toothpick, to remove particles of soil from the holes.

7. If objects inside the dishwasher such as glass dishes are not clean after use, we recommend trying higher temperature programmes eg 50 degrees or higher.

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