Dishwasher is not heating up water

Last updated 18/08/2023 09:21


  • The dishwasher is not heating up the water
  • Dishes are cold after the end of the cycle
  • No steam or cold when the door opens

Applies to

  • Integrated dishwasher
  • Freestanding dishwasher


1. Wrong program selection may lead to poor washing and drying results

Select a programme according to the type of load and the degree of soil

For example, Quick wash program for very dirty and stained items will not wash properly.

Refer to your user manual for the best washing solutions

sample programme table

2. Check and clean out the dishwasher's filters and sump area, which could possibly be blocked with food particles

Please see the instructional video. For more information refer to the user manual supplied with your appliance 

3. Reset the appliance

Turn off the appliance from the mains supply, wait 5 minutes and then switch it back on at the mains supply and restart your appliance

4. Over foaming - there is water and foam at the bottom of the dishwasher when the program is finished

  • Remove as much foam as you can by using a sponge and towels
  • Pour approximately a litre of milk into the tub and run a quick cycle without detergent, as the protein in the milk will suppress the foam.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 several times until all foam has been removed
  • If washing up liquid has been placed in the rinse aid chamber, a technician visit is required

5. The heating element may be faulty

No heat will lead to poor wash results. We recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer to ensure the appliance is repaired correctly. 

We do not recommend using the product until the problem has been completely fixed. Unplug the product and do not plug it in again until you are certain that it is OK to do so.

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Tips for saving energy at home when using your dishwasher

With energy prices soaring, it’s never been a better time to rethink how you use the appliances in your home to save energy and money. Besides helping your household budget, it will also benefit the planet, reducing CO2 emissions. Here are some helpful tips on how to reduce energy when using your dishwasher

  • Use the ECO program when dishwashing. It takes a bit longer, but the dishwasher doesn’t have to work as hard, which means it uses less energy. Compare it to if you run or walk 1km. Running is faster but you need to use a lot more energy. If you walk instead it takes longer, but you use much less energy. The same logic goes for the ECO program
  • If you have an hourly electricity rate, do the dishes when the price is at its lowest 
  • If you have an old dishwasher, it will have a low energy class – you can save energy just by replacing it with a new one

See other helpful tips to save energy and money

Efficient energy-saving tips for your home to lower your energy costs


  • Wrong programme/option selection
  • Filters and sump needs cleaning
  • Over foaming
  • Faulty heater
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