How to deactivate/turn off AirDry/door opens automatically on dishwasher

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  • How to deactivate/turn off AirDry on dishwasher.

Applies to

  • AEG Dishwasher with AirDry feature


AEG's AirDry function automatically opens the dishwasher's door by 10 cm during the last stages of dish programmes to dry your dishes in a more energy smart and natural way. Now your dishes can be completely dry and spotless at a lower energy cost. 

Below you will see a short video on how AirDry works.

Below shows all of our AEG dishwasher control panels for integrated, semi integrated and freestanding. Please find the one that looks like yours and follow the instructions. You can use this steps to deactivate and/or activate your AirDry feature.


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How to set the programme selection mode

The appliance is in Programme Selection Mode when the programme indicator  flashes. When you switch on the dishwasher, it will be in programme selection mode by default.

If not, press and hold the on/off button [1] until the appliance is in programme selection mode.


How to enter user mode

Make sure the appliance is in programme selection mode.

To enter the user mode, press and hold the programme button [4] until flashes and the lights for Text

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To deactivate AirDry

1. Press the programme button [4] three times.  starts to flash.

2. Wait until only  is flashing and the remaining programme indicators are off

3.The  light shows the current setting, if it is lit then AirDry is activated; if it is off, then AirDry is deactivated.  

4. Press the programme button to change the setting.

5. Press the on/off button to confirm the setting.

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