Why Is My Refrigerator Frosting Up / Back Wall Wet / Rear Wall Frosty

Last updated 08/09/2020 15:58


  • Why Is My Fridge Frosting Up?

Applies to

  • Freestanding Fridge 
  • Integrated Fridge


  • When the Refrigerator is open warm room air enters this contains moisture which when cooled precipitates as water droplets in cold places inside the fridge.
  • The back wall in the fridge is one of the coldest places and most of the drops will deposit there. These can also freeze.
  • However, if a thicker layer of ice is formed this may be due to:-
  • The door being open too long
  • Door not closed properly after use
  • Hot food being placed in the fridge before cooling
  • It is quite common and normal for the back wall of the fridge to sometimes be wet and for these droplets of water to freeze.as part of the normal operation.  Do not allow food or items to touch the back wall for optimal efficiency.