How to change the water filter in my fridge freezer ? (located on the back)

Last updated 20/07/2023 05:00


  • How to change the water filter in my Fridge Freezer ?
  • I'm getting a message or symbol to "REPLACE WATER FILTER" on my display

Applies to

  • American style Fridge freezer, French door style, Side By Side with the filter at the rear of the appliance 


Locate your water filter (usually attached to the rear of the appliance) then you will also need to isolate the water supply to the filter. 

Click on the pictures below to get the correct filter -                   

Includes Check Valve Normal Filter

You may or may not have a check valve fitted to you appliance it's easy to see if you have or not (see pics) if you have open the cover with a screwdriver then ...

.... Disconnect the pipes by pushing the collet (usually dark grey/red) of the fitting in while pulling the pipe outward, repeat this on both ends of the water filter or Check valve if fitted, you can discard the check valve as the new filter will come with one.

NOTE: remember which tube is the from your isolation tap and which goes to your appliance !

Use your thumb nail to push the collet square against the fitting. With the collet held in position the tube can be removed.

when refitting the tube push into the fitting to the tube stop, then pull on the tube to check !


Now get your NEW filter and refit the tubes to the correct end of the filter ! FLOW is indicated with an arrow on the filter !

insert the tubes till they stop, give them a pull to check they are secure and then clip your filter back into position on your appliance. Turn your water back on and don't forget to reset your filter WARNING on the appliance so you will know when you next need to change your filter


  • Change the water filter every six months to ensure the highest possible water quality.
  • The Water filter icon will display after approx. 6 months of use. 
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