Fridge Door Will Not Close

Last updated 22/12/2021 11:56


I cannot close my Fridge door properly

Applies to

  • Any Refrigerator / fridge
  • Any Freezer 



  • Check that there is nothing inside the fridge that is getting in the way of the door closing. Such as food that has just been put in the fridge or possibly broken shelves or drawers (if you do have broken shelves or drawers replacement are available through our website).
  • If it is an integrated appliance ensure that the fascia door hasn't slipped leading to it not fitting the space. 
  • Check the seal of the fridge for dirt and grime.

If the appliance has recently been installed we would recommend you getting in touch with the installers to ensure the appliance was installed correctly. 

If these steps have not helped to solve your problem we would suggest the you organise an authorise service visit. But please be aware if it is due to the fitting of the appliance our technicians will not be able to correct this. 

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