What do the AssistedCooking programme numbers mean on your oven's EXPlore LED display?

Last updated 01/11/2023 13:22

Oven display close-up

AssistedCooking is a useful feature that helps you find the right oven settings for your dish. It is also available on Electrolux ovens with the EXPlore LED display.

You can either access AssistedCooking from the Electrolux app or directly on the oven controls. We recommend you use it from the app, since the app provides better step-by-step guidance to find the right programme. 

If your oven does not have the EXPlore LED display, please find a general description of AssistedCooking here.

Below you can find an overview of the AssistedCooking programmes on your oven's EXPlore LED display:

P1Roast Beef, rare
P2Roast Beef, medium
P3Roast Beef, well done
P4Steak, medium
P5Beef roast / braised (prime rib, top round, thick flank)
P6Roast Beef, rare (slow cooking)
P7Roast Beef, medium (slow cooking)
P8Roast Beef, well done (slow cooking)
P9Fillet, rare (slow cooking)
P10Fillet, medium (slow cooking)
P11Fillet, done (slow cooking)
P12Veal roast (e.g. shoulder)
P13Pork roast neck or shoulder
P14Pulled pork (slow cooking)
P15Loin, fresh
P16Spare ribs
P17Lamb leg with bones
P18Whole chicken
P19Half chicken
P20Chicken breast
P21Chicken legs, fresh
P22Duck, whole
P23Goose, whole
P24Meat loaf
P25Whole Fish, grilled
P26Fish fillet
Sweet baking / desserts
P28Apple cake
P29Apple tart
P30Apple pie
P32Chocolate muffins
P33Loaf cake
Vegetable / side dishes
P34Baked potatoes
P35Potato wedges
P36Grilled mixed vegetables
P37Croquets, frozen
P38Pommes frites, frozen
Gratins, bread and pizza
P39Meat / vegetable lasagne with dry noodle plates
P40Potato gratin (raw potatoes)
P41Pizza fresh, thin
P42Pizza fresh, thick
P44Baguette / ciabatta / white bread
P45All grain / rye / dark bread all grain in loaf pan

For more detailed programme information and recommendations, and information about your specific oven model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here.

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