The secret to perfect is sous vide!

Last updated 20/09/2021 12:56

What is sous vide? Sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) which means “under vacuum” is the French cooking technique that follows the simple process of vacuum sealing ingredients in a bag then placing the bag in a heated water bath. 

Your Electrolux SteamPro oven makes it even easier, and lets you do this without having to place the vacuum sealed bag in a heated water bath. With your Electrolux SteamPro oven, you can use the sous vide technique to cook food to its exact level of doneness every time. 

You can easily do it too!

What if we told you just by using the sous vide cooking feature on your Electrolux SteamPro oven you can easily cook just like the pros do.

Excusez moi!? That’s right! By just following these steps, your Electrolux SteamPro oven helps you effortlessly get expert results using the sous vide cooking technique.

Step #1

Vacuum seal ingredients in a plastic bag.

Step #2

Place the food in your Electrolux SteamPro oven.

Step #3

Select the sous vide icon “SV”.

Step #4'

Select the desired temperature.

Step #5

Select “Start”.

Step #6


Not only does sous vide cooking help guarantee incredible tasting meals with no loss of flavour or moisture, but it also helps your food retain all its nutrients. Let your Electrolux SteamPro oven help you easily try sous vide cooking, so you can get consistent results every time you create a tasty dish.

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